• People eating around a table filled with healthy foods.

What is Scientific Nutrition?

It’s a mindset that continuously evolves, that seeks to improve quality of life (QoL) and doesn’t get caught up in extremist food politics.

Practically speaking, it’s a combination of whole-food eating, natural supplementation and if you really want to get down, a nutrigenomics profile for personalized guidance. One thing we know for sure: everyone is unique (so let’s cut each other some slack 🙂 )

The goal is reducing unhealthiness as much as possible. 

Whole-food eating means that foods requiring mechanical transformation and laboratory intervention are left at the store and you walk out with a mountain of veggies and fruits. If you enjoy eggs and meat, try and find the healthiest animals possible (toxins accumulate more in animals than plants). The increase in plant-fibre intake is enough to add years to your life. 

Natural supplementation means we acknowledge the current gaps in our industrial food system and in response, we provide the essential micronutrients our cells require (in the appropriate dose of course). If your cells are healthy, then all of you is healthy. However, make sure you know where your supplements come from since quality can vary greatly between brands. 

On the journey with you.


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