Surviving Christmas: the discipline to party ratio

Part 1

“You can’t out-exercise your mouth.” – Ray Cronise

It’s not just the calories you eat vs. the calories you burn, that’s only one part of a complex metabolic equation. And anyways, this long-held belief doesn’t match up with Newton’s laws of thermodynamics so let’s put the debate behind us and agree that there is more to the story.

Now you shift from burning harder to burning smarter…taking advantage of that deeply buried epigenetic code from ancestors past and unlocking potential.

Start with what you chose to swallow.

The Pareto Principle guides decision making in many areas of my life, including what and when I eat. 80% of my nutrition is stacked with large amounts of mixed veggies, some organic meats, daily fermented foods, natural supplements, plant extracts, superfoods and mostly cooked at home (props to my wife who performs miracles in the kitchen). The other 20% of what I eat is dedicated to partying, mouth pleasure, and bonding with people I love. An important point here, I am a proponent of having an unbroken chain of good eating days as opposed to a sprinkling of bad food throughout the week.

HealthHack – breathe out for 6 seconds and immediately feel calmer

Changing breathing patterns helps bring the parasympathetic nervous system online and communicates to the brain that the ‘threat’ has passed. An easy way to feel calmer in certain intense Holiday situations! Use as needed.

I take advantage of science and understanding in order to elevate my health status. I encourage you to do the same. Go at your own pace, and double-check yourself constantly, but go.

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