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Why I sell nutritional supplements

FYI: the answer is at the bottom

Eventually, I hope that ‘food-like’ substances such as Aspartame, hydrogenated palm oil and polysorbate-80 will disappear from our commercial food supply. I’m confidently placing my bets on sustainable, bio-diverse, organic and local farming to feed humanity well into the future. We can work together so that one day, government policy on nutrition will be designed to increase population health, not the bottom line. Until that day comes, nutritional supplements can help fill the gaps where our eating practices fall short.

Some of the blame for our Western state of malnutrition is on the current food system (organic whole-food is difficult to find or too expensive) and some of it is my own fault (I love to party from time to time!). To better ‘manage the damage’, I supplement* with natural compounds as part of a healthy lifestyle.
* under the guidance of professional advice and sound science!

By using health tools: plant-majority nutrition, exercise, dietary supplements and meditation, you actually gain a sense of control over how you feel and perform on a day to day basis. Call it bio-hacking your own biology. Other benefits? You avoid micronutrient deficiencies and increase your chances of a longer healthspan. The following quote sums it up nicely when it comes to being active:
“ physical activity guidelines should target reducing and interrupting sedentary time to reduce risk for death.” – Annals of Internal Medicine, September 12th 2017

Why not apply advanced technology to human nutrition? Millions of us turn to medical foods, herbs and plant extracts because it helps improve our health status (we’ve been doing this for thousands of years). And let’s be honest here, we’re already cyborg-like. We use ‘embedded’ technology all the time like titanium hips, contact lenses, smartphones and wearable sensors to augment our reality and improve our performance. A recent study demonstrated how effective just adding good nutrients on top of the bad food can improve key inflammation biomarkers. The study did this by having participants simply add a nutrient-boosted food bar to the low-quality Western diet they were eating.

Why did I launch CRE8 Vitality Nutrition? To contribute to the elevation of human health & longevity, using nutrition technology and open-source education.

Let’s keep getting better. Thanks for reading.


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