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More powerful than money

Imagine if monetary currency were to disappear tomorrow morning. Who would you do business with? The people you trust of course.

Not to be an alarmist, money will be around for quite a while still. But currency the way we know it will go through very disruptive changes in the near future like so many other industries. Bitcoin* is an example of trust taking more space in financial transactions as banks disappear (peer to peer).

*$1000 worth of Bitcoin bought in 2010 is worth more than $35 million today.

Now looking to healthcare; imagine if all the medical centres of the world openly shared their data? (gasp!) Open-source data is not a new concept… and as a result it would give you the ability to select hospitals and clinics based on the performance indicators you prefer. More trust right? It has also been clearly demonstrated to generate better performance and quality. This is the approach that pushed the improvement of cystic fibrosis lifespan from 2 – 3 years in the 1940’s to 40 years (and beyond) today – food for thought.

What are you working to build? A reputation, an idea, a financial portfolio, a family, a business, a relationship, muscle mass? What is it that you are piecing together day after day? Whatever that puzzle may be, it must include an objective to build more trust: with the people who are counting on you, with the younger ones looking up to you, with your neighbors and communities; the world (and business) runs on trust.
Strong networks increase resilience. This is a powerful key for humanity, allowing us to collectively improve the status of our existence. To leave behind a cleaned-up planet, a collaborative community, healthier soil, clearer water, loving families and responsible technology for future generations.

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