Surviving Christmas Part 2: how to recover

Have you recovered yet from the intestinal bashing that is the Holiday Season? How many more chocolates, shortbread cookies, pastries, pies, wine and eggnog can I possibly consume before my colon blows up? By the way, daily explosive diarrhea is not normal.

Healing from this gut inflammation (also read as dysbiosis) that occurs during seasonal festivities may be harder for some than others. Here are a few helpful hints that will prove useful for most of us. Let’s get back on track! Enough with the gut pain.

  1. zero refined sugar. period*.
  2. sit for 20 minutes in a sauna, as often as you like
  3. eat all your food in a 10 hour window every day
  4. add fibre, as many different sources as you can do comfortably
  5. use probiotics and digestive enzymes, as needed until full recovery
  6. include fermented food, as much as you like
  7. get a full spectrum of micronutrients
  8. move your body, as much as you can

“*If you are going to quit refined sugar, do it with a friend. You’ll need the support, it’s the hardest thing to kick. Good luck and may the force be with you!”

Chances are if you’re reading this, then you have the power over the following right now:

  • what you swallow
  • how you breathe
  • what you think
  • what you do next
Put yourself in control. Peace to all in 2018!
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